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Legacy Saint Jewelry

Sterling Silver Glitter Ball Earring Backs 11mm

Sterling Silver Glitter Ball Earring Backs 11mm

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Convert any post earring into a double-sided style with this sterling silver laser-finished decorative. Tiny touches of a laser create a light-catching pattern across the surface of the ball. The back is designed to work with any grooved ear post in place of a traditional ear nut and is beautifully visible behind the ear, adding a 3D look to any earring. This earring back accommodates either single- or double-groove ear posts—the internal mechanism locks onto the notch on the post with an audible "click," letting the customer know that the earring back is in place and secure.

  • 1 pair
  • Ball measures: 11mm
  • Hole size: .03"
  • 925 Sterling Silver purity
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 5.75g
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