Collection: Paspaley Pearls

Paspaley Pearls are widely considered the most beautiful, cultured pearls in the world. Paspaley Pearls are hand selected by Paspaley's divers off of Australia's Kimberley coast and in result- they are superior quality. 

All of our Paspaley Pearls were obtained through a relationship Paspaley Pearls developed with one wholesaler located in the United States. All of our Paspaley Pearls at Legacy Saint Jewelry have been accessed through this one U.S. wholesaler. All of the Paspaley Pearls we have are the same exact, high quality pearls sold through Paspaley exclusive boutiques. 

Every Paspaley pearl is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. This guarantees the genuine Australian provenance, the natural color + natural lustre of each precious Paspaley pearl. Paspaley's pearls are not treated in any way with chemicals or other artificial enhancements; unlike many other pearls available today. We carry a wide variety of different shapes + qualities of Paspaley pearls. Check out our Paspaley Pearl Grading Guide for more information.