The Legacy of Mary Tyler Moore's Jewelry Collection

The Legacy of Mary Tyler Moore's Jewelry Collection

A True Minnesota Icon

Mary Tyler Moore's jewelry collection sold at Sotheby's auction in NYC this past December, with proceeds benefiting the Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative. It was a hit, surpassing all expectations, just like the woman herself. 

Her pieces, like her career and activism, spanned decades. Showing varying looks with no preference to metal color, varying from platinum to yellow gold. The classic style, which Mary was known for, has transcended story lines and because of generosity to a cause, will live on forever.

Although Mary Tyler Moore, never really lived in an attic apartment, in the Kenwood area neighborhood of Minneapolis, she was and still is a fixture and ambassador to our fair, Midwestern city. In many aspects, she put us on the map. Long before Prince, we had Mary Tyler Moore, AKA, "Mary Richards." 

The Kenwood Parkway home in Minneapolis made famous by "The Mary Tyler Moor Show." (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.)

Her fictitious home still attracts visitors daily. It always has been privately owned but that has not stopped it from being a tourist attraction. It was a drive by activity when I was younger, and it's where we often take visitors from out of town.

Her bronze statue sits on 7th and Nicollet in downtown Minneapolis. The exact location where she tossed her hat in the air, in the famous opening credits.

Mary Tyler Moore Hat Toss Minneapolis

Mary Tyler Moore shown in the opening credits for the show "Mary Tyler Moore" courtesy of MTM productions.

In many respects, Mary Tyler Moore put Minneapolis on the map. The start of the show was a love letter collage of how beautiful Minneapolis is and life through the seasons is here. And in true Minnesota fashion, she never even had to live here for us to embrace her as one of our own!

Myself, Kat St.Martin (owner of Legacy Saint Jewelry), was a young girl growing up in the 70's and 80's in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mary Tyler Moore was a significant role model of what a single, working woman looked like. She was approachable, friendly, funny, and had great style. Her life was filled with work, friendships, and laughter- that was inspiring, to not only me, but a generation of young girls and women. We all wanted to be Mary. She had "spunk." Mary is the true definition of what we like to call "Minnesota Nice".

When I was in high school, not only was I in drama club, but, one of my many part time jobs was a telemarketer for a construction company. I was literally the youngest person working there, and I felt like a bonafide working women. I did feel this role required the use of a "stage name", and I choose the name "Liz Richards". I fancied myself as Mary's little sister, and thought in addition to it being an easy name to utter, it would not be intimidating if Mary's kid sister was calling.

A Tribute to Mary Tyler Moore and Her Jewelry

From the moment we read about Mary's jewelry coming to auction at Sotheby's, we knew we wanted at least one piece. We liked so many, bid on a several and ended up winning two. The items we acquired but narrowed down to some to some of the pieces that spoke to us.

Mary Tyler Moore's Van Cleef and Arpels Bark Bangle Gold Cuff Bracelet Legacy Saint JewelryMary Tyler Moore Personal Jewelry Collection Van Cleef Arpels Gold Bark Textured Cuff Bangle Bracelet Legacy Saint Jewelry

One of which is a 18K yellow gold Van Cleef and Arpels bangle bracelet that has a textured, bark like finish. It has an inscription inside, and this spoke to us. "May 31, 1972. Tomorrow is ten" and "Hopefully." It was a gift from her second husband, Grant Tinker, and we knew it had special meaning for Mary at that time. Additionally, we like the "Hopeful" message it represents. It was a given during the height of the Mary Tyler Moore show and her achieving so much professionally. The textured, rugged finish to the gold is impeccable. It is heavy and solid, and although prominent, still understated. Since acquisition, we have also found a Tiffany bracelet just like it, except not previously owned by Mary Tyler Moore.

Mary Tyler Moore's Personal Jewelry Collection Art Deco Platinum Diamond Ring Legacy Saint Jewelry

The other piece we acquired is a very special one. It is a vintage style, Art Deco platinum and diamond ring.The ring has a total weight of 2.40 carats and has European, mine cut, and also baguette diamonds. Mary Tyler Moore is literally holding an Emmy with it on. We do not know how she came to own this piece, but we like to think that this perhaps, was a self-purchase? She may have been the second or more, owner. As fans of vintage, this piece fits our narrative. Like Mary, this is timeless item. The design is very unique, and we have plans to recreate versions of this so everyone may own a piece of Mary.

We here at Legacy Saint Jewelry, as a woman-owned and Minneapolis, MN based jewelry small business, continue to be inspired by Mary Tyler Moore and will be showcasing more of her pieces. 10% of all sales of her jewelry inspired pieces will go to Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative, in her honor. 

Some of the pieces that sold from her collection:


Bulgari Mary Tyler Moore Roman Coin Diamonds Gold Necklace
Bulgari Gold, Ancient Coin, Ruby and Diamond 'Monete' Necklace. An incredible and special wedding gift from her husband, Dr.Robert Levine. Mary had an intrigue for ancient cultures- as depicted in this Ancient Greek coin of Lysimachus. Courtesy of the Collection of Mary Tyler Moore.
Mary Tyler Moore Wide Gold Band Ring Emerald-Cut Diamond
5.14 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond + Wide Gold Band Ring. A classic, bold, yet modern ring designed by Mary Tyler Moore herself. A ring that was apart of her daily worn jewelry. Courtesy of the Collection of Mary Tyler Moore.
Van Cleef & Arpels Gold Cuff and Ear Clips
Van Cleef & Arpels Gold Cuff-Bracelet and Pair of Matching Earclips. The hammered design of these bold gold pieces is a nod to Etruscan/ Byzantine influences found often in her jewelry collection. Courtesy of the Collection of Mary Tyler Moore.


Mary Tyler Moore Diamond Hearts Jewelry Set
Black + White Diamond Hearts Set. A set of three heart shaped pendants, featuring platinum, gold, and silver metals and European-cut diamonds. “She had a number of heart-shaped jewels in her collection. That was an iconic shape for Mary and my sense of it – it’s part of who Mary was – she was always willing to greet the world with a smile and open heart. The open heart is just a reflection of who Mary was.” Dr. S. Robert Levine. Courtesy of the Collection of Mary Tyler Moore.


Shop our Curated Collections of Mary Tyler Moore Inspired Jewelry

We have curated a collection of jewelry pieces inspired by Mary's classic style, and the pieces Mary Tyler Moore owned. Within the collection are designs Mary loved including Etruscan designs, ancient coin designs, hearts, vintage rings, and much more! 10% of all sales of her jewelry inspired pieces will go to Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative, in her honor.


Mary Tyler Moore Inspired Jewelry Collection



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